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Godchild is a unique mold of music, ministry, and passion packed with a burst of energy.
Seven years ago having never rapped a day in his life Jordan Anglin heard the voice of God say to him “I WANT YOU TO RAP THE GOSPEL FOR ME.” Jordan then began to make excuse after excuse about how he couldn’t do what the Lord had asked of him, but God quickly shut down all his excuses and Jordan was left with one last question. “Well God all my family and friends call me J.D. I cannot use that name.” God quickly replied, “CALL YOURSELF GODCHILD; I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.” The excuses had run out and Jordan was left with a C.D. of instrumentals produced by his brother Church Boy Jay and the name Godchild.

Godchild was raised in the church by both his parents Jonathan and Marye in the small town of Haines City, Fl in which they are now the Pastors of Tabernacle of Praise Christian Center located in Winter Haven, FL ( Yes, he is a P.K. and he is very active in the ministry with his hand in a lot of ministries from youth leader, to playing the bass guitar, to heading up the media and television ministry and more. As you can see God has gifted Godchild with many gifts and talents but now Godchild is ready to move into what God has chosen him to do, and that is Rap combined with worship. Godchild is very passionate about worship and rapping for the Glory of God and on stage you can not only hear it but you can see it with every movement. For the past seven years  Godchild has been singing and rapping all over the state of Florida and beyond in what he calls ministry training.

Godchild has now become a passionate worshipper that God has given the ability to rap with power and grace. This is now the style of music that Godchild calls his own “Unfit Worship”
“Unfit Worship” is not your typical gospel worship music but it’s rap combined  with worship  with the Godchild twist .

“Unfit Worship has the ability to connect with all cultures and all ages. Combining the two together, can impact billions of people in ways never seen”. The message in the song is really important to Godchild and he looks to inspire, uplift, and encourage not only the body of Christ but he looks to connect with the people that don’t know Christ. “Music has the ability to inspire and uplift people. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from positive music can get someone through the hard times and give them hope to fight another day. That’s why I make music for the kingdom, because there is someone out there on the verge of giving up and they need hope and need to know they can make it.”